A large part of our works now are rental properties, both via Private landlords and letting agents. Most of our customers have used us for many years because we are honest and reliable. We can advise on anything electrical within a rental property including the up to date regulations.  

Electrical Testing 
The law on electrical testing in rental properties has changed. From 1st January 2021 all properties that are rented will need an EICR - Electrical Installation Condition Report.  
If a property has not had electrical works carried out in recent years, it may be that some upgrading is required, but we can always advise on this and will always give you all the options available.  
Smoke Detectors 
Legally from 2015 only battery operated smoke detectors are required, as a minimum in hallways and landings. However, from 2019 new regulations BS 5839-6:2019 state mains wired interlinked smoke detectors are required in hallways, landings, lounges and a heat detector in the kitchen.  
As a landlord currently you only have to comply with the 2015 law, but the best practice advice is to work to current regulations, and its probable that at some point these new regulations will become law. So if you are doing any renovation works on the property, now is the time to install them. 
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Electrical Heating 
Electrical heating has evolved, there are many more options available now than there were just a few years ago. If you're looking for heating that satisfies an energy efficient rating, the only current option are quantum heaters, these are by far the most efficient electric heater on the market. We've installed many of these heaters, but there are other options. Contact us if you need advice. 
For more information, see our electrical heating page 
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PIV Systems 
PIV (Positive Input Ventilation) Systems are a bit of a hidden secret. They've been around for many years, but are only just starting to become popular. We've been installing these for years ourselves and think they are like magic.  
You have condensation all the time on your windows 
You have black mould/damp on your walls 
A general feeling of damp 
If your property (rented or not) have any of these issues a PIV system may be able to help you. 
General Maintenance 
For any electrical works in your rented property, we are always happy to help you out with the correct and current advice. We will never recommend work unless its absolutely necessary. 
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